As planned in the IMPACTE 3D project schedule, the first refresher meeting on the two (02) types of posture orthotics (AFO and KAFO posture orthotics for ankle flexion and knee varum) started on Monday, February 12, 2018 at ENAM L with the participation of nine (09) ortho-prosthetists and eight (08) physical therapists coming from four (04) rehabilitation centers from three (03) countries (the CNAO of Lomé, the CRAO of Dapaong, the CNAO of Mali and the Orthopaedic Fitting Service of the National Hospital of Niamey). This meeting which ended on Friday, February 16, 2018 was led by several trainers including three (03) orthoprosthetists (AFETSE Matthieu, Orthoprosthetist referent at the OADCPH; Sophie POURRET, the orthoprosthetist expert of ORTEN, Jérôme CANICAVE, orthoprosthetist and 3D expert of HI) and 02 physiotherapists (Setondji SOSSA, physiotherapist at the CNAO and Uta UPREHL, physiotherapist referent at HI). The overall objective is to update the ortho-prosthetists and physiotherapists on the orthopaedic treatment protocols of the two (02) posture orthoses. Specifically, the participants have strengthened their knowledge in clinical evaluation techniques, treatment indications, correct measurements, manufacturing techniques of the devices and the process of fitting and delivery of the devices according to international standards.

This training is the first of a list of three (03) trainings, the second of which is already scheduled for March 12 to 18.